Virginia MacKenny is the biggest winner in the world. Ever. We heart Virginia. Virginia is not only the best lecturer in the whole world...ever! but is also a good scumbler and paints caelocanths, beautifully.

MacKenny taught at Durban Institute of Technology, and was Durban editor of ArtThrob before coming to Cape Town and blowing our minds. She now lectures at The Michaelis School of Fine Art in Painting. Her fourth year painting students and the all girl collective Doing it for Daddy have been known to stalk her because she is the biggest winner in the world...ever!

Nice one Lauren

Lauren wrote this? 

Well, I have to agree with whoever did, because Virginia is pretty damn amazing. If it wasn't for her, I'd wouldn't have taken painting. I wouldn't paint at all. I like how she delicately intersperses criticisms with veiled compliments. 

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