the Museum of Contemporary Art was a platform for artists to expose their work without the constraints of a commercial drive. It was originally set up by the artists Barend de Wet and Peet Pienaar in Cape Town. It was subsequently transformed into the Museum of Temporary Art by an act of 'god' (a truck reversed into the signage and knocked off the C.O.N.) and de Wet continued by inviting numerous local merchants to store their garbage in the space- an ongoing work he titled 'White Trash'. Subsequently MoCA has been in hibernation. De Wet is the legal owner of the name Museum of Contemporary Art.

Christian Nerf, together with various collaborators, took over MoCA in 2007. The intent is to hold exhibitions at various locations in Africa, retaining the official MoCA space in Observatory as an archive / storage facility.

The first show in the revived MoCA was Hell Yeah, a group show featuring the following artists: Draad Trek vir Jesus, Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau, Kathryn Smith, Robert Sloon, Emil Papp, Ed Young, Dawie 'Little Fires' van Vuuren, Doreen Southwood, Henning Ludeke, Ruth Sacks, Spunk Seipel, Andrew Lamprecht, Dan Halter, Avant Car Guard, Alexi Fotiadis, Bianca Baldi, Barend de Wet and Matthew Hindley.

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