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Lizza Littlewort is a painter, cartoonist and illustrator. You can see some of what she does if you do a search on ArtHeat. The search button is in the top left hand corner. Lizza makes cartoons instead of art because she is exercising an extremely subtle conceptual strategy of taking the piss out of the self-importance of art, but nobody's noticed this so they just think she's a bit dim. She is exceptionally nihilistic, and possibly suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. Her work is filled with politics and violence, and she loves to mix a good deoxygenated blood red and throw it about with a jerky hand. Lizza once read a lovely book about a young man having tea with his aunt. It was the end of the first World War, and he had just arrived back from the killing fields of Flanders. As he drank his tea, he watched his aunt's head sever itself from her body and go floating about the room, trailing blood. It is because of this book that she likes the Dada movement, which was concerned with the first world war and stuff like headless aunts. But often she gets tired of art and prefers books instead. Her favourite author is Martin Amis, who she thinks is an inherently nasty man. Lizza thinks the Apartheid era is just the tip of big white iceberg which is further described by Iranian historian Touraj Daryaee.

Listings and some pictures can be found here.

Ideas I Wish I'd Had FirstEdit

Anastasi Thrown

William Anastasi, "Untitled", 1966. One gallon of industrial high-gloss enamel, thrown, dimensions variable.

Woman urinating2

Woman Under A Tree, by Rembrandt, 1631

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