Life is Velvety

Janet Ranson is an artist and writer currently working at Good Hope Art Studios in The Castle, Cape Town.

Her work includes abstract paintings in (mostly) acrylic, collage, site-based installation, figurative and narrative mixed-media drawings, sculpture in fibre and found materials and small burning performances.

She enjoys collaborating and doing lots of different things at once.

Exhibitions[edit | edit source]

at Gerard Cloete Gallery, 90 Loop Street, until 12 September

Review by Nico Eilers "The work of Janet Ranson invites us on a mystical and magical Tour; colours glow and forms hover between real and abstract reflecting the joyous journey of Life. Light is all around, disorienting us. Paint flows, and images advance and recede until poise is achieved. Ranson calls us to share a moment between opposites: contemplation and action, chance and effort. She often uses found material e.g. ‘Charms’ to reflect the delight and sparkle of common and everyday objects, creating new awareness of the mundane.

Onlookers are drawn into her Cosmology; her flashing ‘Skymaps’ are small magnetized lights fitted on a metal support, with ink on paper, over steel plate and symbolizes and unveils a personal constellation. It also mesmerizes and calls for participation to change its position according to your choice. This allows you to affirm your wishes and confirm your decision towards your own life journey.

This also confirms the artist’s declaration: ”Recognizing luck, acknowledging gifts, using whatever comes to hand, balancing serious effort with rest and humour- my work and life are the same journey”.

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