Claire van Blerck in her first self-portrait

Claire van Blerck is a Cape Town based koala, best known for her paintings depicting identity issues of the koala diaspora and the mystical qualities of the eucalyptus leaf.

History[edit | edit source]

Claire was born on 5 July 1987 to the breeding Koalas at the Australian Aboriginal Aquarium (AAA).

Education[edit | edit source]

Claire received her education initially at the Royal Australian Institute for the Eduction of Koalas (RAIEK) and later through the spiritual teachings of Mr Miyagi. Scorning his penchant for wax, Claire elected to resign as his apprentice in favor of learning the fine art of fine art at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. While there, she majored in painting and Norwegian Pretzel Construction, the latter of which she received a distinction for.

Work[edit | edit source]

In 1989 at the tender age of two, Claire produced her first work, namely Untitled (Knocked-over Strained Eucalyptus Leaves and Peas) . This was considered to be a hugely iconic work and resulted in her being bestowed with honorary British citizenship, solely so that she may be eligible for the Turner Prize.

Endorsement Deals[edit | edit source]

Claire featured in an international advert campaign for Wilson's Eucalyptus flavored toffees in 2002.

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