Cape '07 is large scale international exhibition, organised by the Cape Africa Platform. The original exhibition was named Trans Cape, and directed by Gavin Jantjes, with Susan Glanville as CEO, and Gabi Ngcobo and Khwezi Gule as curators. The event was planned for September 2006, but funding constraints led it to be postponed to March 2007. Suan Glanville resigned at the end of 2006. Further funding issues led Gavin Jantjes to resign in February 2007. The Cape Africa Platform decided to carry on, and kept some of the core team, namely Gabi Ngcobo as curator and Mirjam Asmal as CEO. They appointed Jonathan Garnham as project co-ordinator.

With such a short period to completely reformulate the show and no budget, it was relatively successful, with 40 of the planned 65 artists staying onboard, even though large scale works could not be shipped.

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