Barend de Wet (born in Boksburg, South Africa in 1956) is probably an artist.


Is Barend de Wet an artist?Edit

Barend de Wet was a notorious bad boy of South African art during the Apartheid Years. More recently, he has taken a on a lower profile, moving to a farm off the Bitou River, and keeping honey bees. He has recently been seen in two projects initiated by Christian Nerf and Sebastian Charilaou on the ArtHeat ProjectSpace.

Other than that he spends much of his free time practicing yo-yo.

An Outdated Curriculum VitaeEdit


Solo exhibitionsEdit

  • Old Castle Brewery
  • Anatoli Restaurant
  • Stellenbosch University
  • Fig Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Everard Reid Contemporary Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Association of Arts, Cape Town

Group showsEdit

  • Market Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Gallery International, Cape town
  • Natalie Knight Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Karen McKerron Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Everard Reid Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Newtown Galleries, Johannesburg

Prizes and biennalesEdit

  • Zollner New Visions art prize, 1985
  • Volkskas Atelier prize, 1990
  • Vita Art awards, 1992
  • Sao Paulo Biennale, 1994


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