Mixed media small drawing: Common Sense

As Luck Would Have It... is an exhibition of abstract paintings by Janet Ranson

Remarks by Tony Davenport[edit | edit source]

As luck would have it, Janet is a day older than me. This good fortune has given her insights into light and colour - will I ever catch up?

As luck would have it, we are both Leo's. Janet, however, being older and wiser, has seen new constellations in the heavens, and challenges us to seek out our own and name them.

As luck would have it, Janet is an explorer and adventurer. She plays with colour and texture, and evokes purpose and meaning from random brush strokes.

Janet is exuberant in her creativity – from her drawings, her paintings and her creative garments in multicoloured fabrics. Ther is nothing static or staid in her works. Her paintings express her joyfulness and inquisitive personality. There is always a glint in her eye, and at times a tongue in her cheek.

On a more serious note, it is important for the Arts to be supported and patronised. If a society cannot express its soul, it cannot exist. Art reminds us we are human and alive.

Exhibition Details[edit | edit source]

30th August, until 12 September 2007

Gerard Cloete Gallery

90 Loop St Cape Town

Change your stars, change your destiny[edit | edit source]

Drawings of the night sky (with idiosyncratic constellations such as The Giant's Bum, Tower of Strenght, Happy Landings, Spilt Milky Way, Big Bucks and the Field of Dreams) are interactive. You are invited to move 'stars' (twinkling magnetic mini-lights) into constellations of your choice, changing your horoscope and thus your future... Change Your Stars

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