Andrew Lamprecht is a critic, curator and art theorist who works at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Among the shows he has curated are Ed Young's Bruce Gordon, Contra Mundi, printtttt at the AVA, Flip and Picnic. Flip garnered immense media attention, being featured on the front page of the Cape Times as well as being reported in media from countries around the world.

He also lectures at Michaelis, and is pretty bloody brilliant. Unfortunately, he struggles to speak well in front of crowds who aren't students, something no one has been able to understand. 

Writing and Criticism[edit | edit source]

Andrew has written articles for Art South Africa, ArtThrob and local newspapers. In addition, he has published essays in many catalogues.

Artist?[edit | edit source]

Although he doesn't like people to talk about it, he also makes art. His last exhibition was part of Lily Luz and Carrie Timlin's The Inchoate, Idiosyncratic Descent Into Nihilism.

Currently, he is preparing for the second Cape Town Biennale at blank projects.

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